2021 Gershowitz Conference

With the understanding that communication is the heartbeat of all democratic societies, the Annual Conference on Media & Democratic Governance was conceived in 2011 to explore the intersection between journalism and public policy and in particular media‘s impact on democratic governance in both emerging and advanced democracies.


For a decade, the Center for Media & Peace Initiatives (CMPI) has partnered with the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University Newark to host the Gershowitz Conference on Media and Democratic Governance. SPAA/CMPI sponsored workshops, conferences are among the leading intellectual events of its kind – an occasion for experts in media and public policy to present serious lectures to an audience of some 200 guests – after they have enjoyed about an hour of networking. Guests look forward to the hush and silence of a packed room of colleagues and different professionals taking in the thoughts and experience of journalists, academics, and public administrators that inspire and mobilize citizens, students, and the academic community on evolving issues in journalism and public policy. Register for updates on 2021 conference.