We provide electronic publishing or digital publishing subject to certain terms and conditions. The services include the digital publication of e-books, EPUBs, and electronic articles as well as digital distribution of audio, video, software, and audio games.
Our services allow for self-publishing of any book or article without a third party publisher. However, we offer editing support services to assist authors in the review of manuscripts and the entire process including design (cover/interior), formats, price, and distribution, marketing & PR.

Distributed and marketing of our publications are outsourced to reputable online vendors such as

CMPI E-Publishing Terms and Conditions
  1.  In the current, ultra-competitive environment, the only way that you can succeed today as a writer, is by proving your worth in the marketplace. Unless you are famous, or are already well known as an author, or have a built in book sales platform, you must prove yourself in today’s publishing marketplace by getting your work published and creating a demonstrable track record in actual book sales. Let us help you do that, then we can use our global reach here in the US and internationally to actually sell the rights to your book or any other of your literary creations.
  2. You can actually have more choices than ever before if you take the appropriate action recognizing today’s changing track to becoming well known, but you must be wary of getting stuck if you keep waiting for the old ways of the traditional approach. We have had authors finally come to us who have spent over two years looking for the old school “traditional publisher” that used to be willing to look at emerging authors works and take a chance on them. Simply stated, that doesn’t happen today and you can’t succeed in publishing if you don’t get started. We think we are the best choice in publishing for emerging authors today for many reasons, and at a minimum you should read our competitive analysis below where we discuss the various major players in today’s publishing and rights marketplaces to see our advantages for yourself.
    In other words, start now, and give yourself and your work the full chance to succeed that you, and now we, envision.
Hard truths about publishing

It is difficult for newer writers to understand that without a “name” or a major “platform”, getting paid up front is a thing of the past. Large scale traditional publishers have been bombarded in the last few years with more submissions than they are willing or able to review, let alone take a risk on. Add to that, the poor state of the economy and the old ways of publishing are just not happening.

Success can come to forward thinking newer authors who commit to moving forward now, and to building the kind of track record and reputation that CAN be sold to the larger publishers in both domestic and international markets. Our center has designed our offers specifically to help you establish exactly the kind of track record you need for that to happen. In addition, once that happens, we CAN present you and your writings to larger publishers, not only in the US, but around the world as well.


Large US (and global) publishers are buying rights for publishing, but they are now “scooping up” successful bloggers, self-publishers, and authors that have proven sales in the marketplace by a steady record of book sales. The smarter US publishers are not taking a chance on an unknown author any more, they are watching for emerging trends and talent and letting the marketplace sort out the new crop of authors.

EBook Technology as a compliment to book publishing is now crossing all borders as well. Apple, Google, and Amazon are “supra-nationals” and they must be addressed in any plan for your writing career.

What should an aspiring author do?
  1. Launch a print publishing and marketing program to get your book in the marketplace and show the world that it will sell.
  2. Consider eBooks as a viable compliment to publishing for maximum sales both domestically and just as importantly to develop international sales once you are published.
Our Publishing Offer to You

Ultimately a publisher must make some kind of educated guess about how sales will go for the author’s book and that guess determines what kind of offer the publisher will make to the author. As you know, publishing offers range from advance payments to the author through to all costs being met by the author.
For “name” or authors with a “platform” we can offer a traditional contract. Of course, for some authors, we are not able to offer any contract at all.
Our offer to you depends on our evaluation of your manuscript. There are two contract options presented below. As you read the two options you will see that our emphasis as publisher is definitely on sales. We want to work with books that will sell, from authors that understand the importance of sales.

Option 1: Joint Venture Publishing Agreement

Joint Venture Publishing Agreement: Royalty plus $1000 Bonus To You at 1000 Sales
When you achieve sales of your first 1000 books we will pay you a $1000 bonus and subsequent books by you will be published at no charge. Thus, you can really consider this a “no cost” option. The joint venture program allows you to go from your manuscript straight to a professionally published book as quickly as possible. We include all typesetting and cover design necessary to finish your book and will make your book available to online vendors such as Amazon as well as direct sales from our website. There is a onetime payment $995 that covers our costs of production. In the spirit of a 50/50 joint venture, we ultimately offer a 50% royalty.
We do offer a payment plan for the $995 if needed.
Advantages of the JV (Joint Venture) Publishing Agreement

  1. Publishing can begin immediately upon receipt of your completed agreement
  2. Royalty begins immediately on book sales
  3. You receive a $1000 dollar bonus at 1000 book sales
  4. A significant discount on all subsequent books
  5. Payment plans available
  6. Exceptional Customer Service and Support.

The agreement for Option 1 is available upon request.

Option 2: 100 Pre-Sales Publishing Agreement

Our pre-sell publishing program will cost you nothing to publish your book as long as you can pre-sell 100 books. Many of our authors know they will sell 100 books or they just buy them right away. Many of our authors have friends and family and organizations that support their writing and they buy the 100 books to help the author. Once 100 books have been sold, either by your direct efforts or via our website www.cmpimedia.org
Advantages of the 100 Presale Publishing Agreements

  1. Initial cost is very affordable when you pre-sell 100 books
  2. We immediately provide a World Class Professional Author Website from which you can sell books directly
  3. You receive author royalty plus a $1000 bonus at 1000 book sales
  4. You get a professional Author Press Release
  5. Offer of standard Publishing Contract at 1000 books* (please inquire)
  6. Unparalleded Customer Service and Support

The 100 Presales Option Agreement is available upon request.


Both contract options are viable in today’s changing publishing world. To get started immediately please choose the one that best fits your situation and fill in the information and email it back to us. Since we are a completely virtual company, we request that you use an electronic signature on the contracts (specific instructions are in the signature section page) and we will do the same and email them back to you. The contracts include the payment information and will also ask you to fill in the information about how we pay royalties to you.