What We Do


We design, produce, and manage an innovative program of high quality seminars and conferences which promote the sharing of knowledge and information, create opportunities for learning, and contribute to the development of people and organizations at all levels.
CMPI media training is about professional development, strengthening the communications skills of journalism practitioners, and other professionals interested in updating and developing new skills. We also help non media professionals such as public administrators learn how to navigate the world of the media including developing confidence in talking to reporters, preparing for interview with journalists, and gaining some awareness of the different needs of different types of reporters. Through case studies and sharing of ideas, participants in CMPI media training engage in personal learning about independent journalism that is clear, fair, truthful, and socially responsible.


CMPI is a central forum and resource for media-centered academic research, curriculum development, and international dialogue that support good governance. We initiate cutting edge research on wide ranging subjects that affect the peaceful coexistence of citizens in democratic societies.