Center for Media and Peace Initiative (CMPI) is an independent, international, nonprofit organization dedicated to the highest standards in journalism, primarily through the further training of journalists and media professionals. With a great reliance on its extensive international network, the center operates as a facilitator and partner in a wide variety of training projects, publishes and disseminates significant communication scholarship and advances the communication discipline through meaningful research, teaching and service.
CMPI shares a commitment to make better sense of the role communication plays in global politics and explores the connection between communication and conflict.

Rutgers Faculty and Officials of CMPI review curriculum for journalism training beginning Summer 2012
[tabs slidertype=”left tabs”][tabcontainer] [tabtext]Mission Principles[/tabtext] [tabtext]Our history[/tabtext]Center for Media & Peace Initiative was founded in 2005 by a group of experienced professionals of diverse nationalities who share international and professional ideas. In the aftermath of US-led invasion of Iraq and the role played by the media in the conflict, it became necessary to raise global awareness on the intersection of media, conflict prevention, peace building, and public policy. Through community awareness, radio/TV programs, newsletters, and other forms of communication and education, the center leads the effort to teach citizens all they should know about the news media. [tabtext]Media & Public Policy[/tabtext] [tabtext]Media Literacy[/tabtext] [tabtext]Employment Opportunities[/tabtext] [tabtext] Volunteerism[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer]



Mission Principles

Our vision is to attract global support for peace journalism through clear understanding of the power of information dissemination in fostering peace. Information is a commodity that requires conscious efforts in processing: the higher degree of processing the more likelihood of peace, cooperation, and understanding in the world.
CMPI will continuously provide learning opportunities for journalists, citizens, and civil society activists on conflict-resolving journalism, conduct research, and engage in transformative mediation. We design, produce, and manage an innovative program of high quality seminars and conferences which promote the sharing of knowledge and information, create opportunities for learning, and contribute to the development of people and organizations at all levels.
CMPI Focus
• Provide a wide variety of professional development opportunities for journalists.
• Sponsor educational opportunities for international journalists through collaboration and partnerships.
• To provide forums for professional interaction among journalists of diverse cultural background.
• Promote ethical journalism, dialogue, and commitment of journalism to peace building.
• Defend minority rights and thus halt the constant disruptive events such as demonstrations and violent protests among minority groups to win journalistic attention to their demands.
• To conduct periodic research on media behavior with emphasis on comparative media systems.
• Engage in research and consultancy services with educational institutions to identify, train and nurture budding writers.


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