Imam Shamsi Ali

Imam Shamsi Ali is a prominent moderate Muslim Scholar known for promoting interfaith dialogues in United States. Shamsi Ali is among the leading figures of moderate Islam in New York, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Since his emigration from Indonesia, (the largest Muslim nation) in the 90’s as young man, Ali has made peace and correct interpretation of Islam as a religion of peace his mantra. In both public and private circles, Ali who later rose to the exalted position of Imam remains a voice of reason within the Islamic faith.  

As the Director of Jamaica Muslim Center in Jamaica, Queens, New York City and president and founder of Nusantara Foundation, Imam Ali continues to use his oratorical skills to denounce religious extremism in the world. These efforts earned him the friendship of world leaders including President Bill Clinton who wrote the foreword to his latest book, Sons of Abraham, co-authored with a Jewish rabbi Marc Schneier.

Under his leadership, Nusantara Foundation – an organization that spearheads intercultural communication, provides opportunities for dialogue and the exchange of ideas, enriching perspectives and promoting tolerance and respect for one another.

In the days after September 11 2001, the city of New York picked him to represent the Muslim community on President George W Bush’s interfaith visit to Ground Zero. Imam Ali believes that the news media has a role to play in minimizing intolerance in society and had used every opportunity to implore journalists to be agents of peace. This is the connection between CMPI and Imam Ali and for this we are recognizing his good works today. With today’s recognition, Imam Ali is expected to join forces with CMPI in advancing conflict-resolving media practice around the world. Congratulations!