Maurizio Geri

Dr. Maurizio Geri is currently a George Mason University Schar School of Policy and Government postdoctoral researcher with a EU Marie Curie fellowship for 3 years (2024 GMU Washington, 2025 VUB – GMF Brussels, 2026 Ca Foscari Venice) and an Italian Navy lieutenant reservist (POLAD for Naval General Staff).

Dr. Geri started his professional career in Peace work with different NGOs to include Pace Brigades International and Nonviolent Peace Force.

After a Ph.D. in International Security from Old Dominion University in Virginia, he worked as analyst for different NATO bodies, to include ACT in the US, HQ in Brussels and NATO CMRE/Strategic Direction-South HUB in Italy.

He holds a BA in International Relations and a MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Florence, Italy. He published a book and several articles, both academic and journalistic.