Alexander Ostashko

Alexander Ostashko, is the Editor-in-chief of “Context-Prichernomorie” News Agency one of the few independent voices in Ukraine. “Context-Prichernomorie” news organization provides daily and prompt summary of news in politics, business and economics in the Southern region of Ukraine. The agency makes conscious effort to fully reflect current Ukrainian political life (events, meetings, conflicts, statements, expert evaluations etc.) while providing context in the analysis of economic and political events in the region. The agency publishes in both Russian and English languages.

Through his leadership, Alexander has successfully carved a niche for himself and indeed the news agency which remains an important news source for many news organizations in Ukraine. The recent political impasse between Ukraine and Russia tested Alexander’s journalism skill along with tens of his staff. Addressing an audience of a journalism conference at the United Nations recently Mr. Ostashko said: “…imagine that a purely informational war and its occurrence can cause real wars … and the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia is a unique example of the war originally created in the media.”

Prior to establishing “Context-Prichernomorie” Alexander worked with several news organizations including Vecherniy gorod and Gazeta Po-Odesski newspapers in Odessa

Alexander who holds a Degree in Russian Philology and Literature from Odessa National University also worked at Interfax Ukraine as special correspondent. Interfax provides about 100 specialized information services, supplying weekly and daily intelligence reports with industry analysis, business information, real-time news, market data and ratings and credit reports. Before then he served as News Editor of Context-Media News Agency based in Moldavia Republic.

In addition to projecting independent journalism in a region that is not popular with free speech, Alexander continues to provide journalism education to many Ukrainian citizens challenged by an education system that focuses more on theory than practice. Alexander who has received several honors in Ukraine is today being honored by CMPI for his courage, professionalism, and pursuit of public good.