Sire Dione Conde

Ambassador Sire Dione Conde is a UNESCO goodwill ambassador for peace. She is also the President of New York State chapter of UNESCO Center for Peace. Under her leadership, African Women for Good Governance pioneered several educational initiatives for many African women in the United States in a wide range of areas including Healthy living strategies, economic empowerment, Sexuality and Reproductive health, youth enrichment cultural education and exchange programs. 

Ms. Sire Conde, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Masters Degree in Business Administration from Gamal Abdel Nasser University, Conakry, Guinea is an unflinching advocate of social justice and women rights. In one of her many public speeches, Ambassador Conde reiterated her commitment to “programs that will make the culture of peace a component of everyday life through Education, Science, Culture and Communication.” In her capacity as the Director of Public Affairs of the Universal Peace Federation, Ambassador Conde continues to utilize her extensive contact within the diplomatic community to work for peaceful coexistence of the human family. As the founder of the African Day Parade in New York, Conde, originally from Guinea in West Africa, is an important voice among African immigrants in the United States.

Mme Sire Conde is a Member of many associations at both community and International levels. She is a member of Africana Women Working Group at the UN, Commission on Status of Women, African Women Organization, US National Committee for UN Women, African Day Parade and African Diaspora Women for Obama. She has been honored with numerous Leadership Awards and CMPI Fellows Award joins the litany of awards under her kitty. Due to the centrality of women in peace building in the world, Ambassador Conde will be an important voice for CMPI in its effort to communicate peaceful solutions to global challenges.