In an era whereby almost every news organization has a war correspondent and virtually none has a peace correspondent, CMPI fills the void to initiate a movement to promote a conflict-resolving media practice, dialogue, and peace building around the world. CMPI explores the power of information as the lifeblood of democracy. In all constitutional democracies, the media plays the role of watchdog, educator, and convener of the public square. The center recognizes that information is a catalyst and an equivocator, which can cause war and at the same time bring about peace. Information as carried by the mass media is a commodity that requires processing and the quality of processing has consequences for peace or conflict. We convene conferences across different cultures, nationalities and beliefs in the effort to promote harmony within the human family using the news media as instruments to communicate peace.


CMPI recognizes that the mass media have become the first port of call for disputants. Individuals, groups and organizations who are caught up in a major disagreements resort to the court of public opinion via the news media even before going to the courts of law. In this connection we, encourage resolution of conflicts and disagreements out of the court by embracing Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism. Center for Media & Peace Initiative The center provides intervention measures and counseling services to families, groups, and corporations in uniquely peaceful and cost effective processes. The aim is to reduce conflict resolution imposed by the courts. We believe that the courts can give justice but do not give peace among individuals or organizations that may be caught up in conflicts. The peace achieved by disputants themselves via a genuine third party is more enduring than the one foisted through litigation in courts. It is also less costly.

Our transformative mediation practices are helping individuals experience personal growth, find their personal strengths in a way that empowers them to cope with the vicissitudes of life. The center emphasizes mediation in which disputants have the opportunity to increase their own capacity to work through their own problems and to understand the perspectives of others. In almost every dispute between two parties there is always a third party otherwise called the Peace Constituent usually interested in resolving the conflict. We employ the communicative approach in mediation recognizing the vital role of the often ignored peace constituency.


Media Review Round – Table: provide forum for editors, reporters, photojournalists/camerapersons, students and relevant media workers to exchange views and review the performance of the mass media on a regular basis vis-

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