Carole Marchal

Carole Marchal is a Board Member at the Centre for Media and Peace Initiatives (CMPI) and works for the Australian Government as a Policy Officer / Project Manager. Carole has a background in International Relation and Diplomacy, and completed a double Masters in International Relations / Diplomacy, specialising in peace and conflict resolution, at the Australian National University (ANU). 

After graduating top of her class, Carole joined the United Nations Information Centre where she worked as a Public Affairs Officer. Carole also worked, prior to her Masters, in a similar position at the French Embassy in Australia.

Besides this experience in public information, Carole also had experience as a media practitioner, working for a local French newspaper, La Marseillaise and later for Australian Defence Business Review. Carole studied journalism at the University of Canberra (UC) before moving on to a career in the public service. Carole’s areas of expertise are gender, peace and conflict, development and international human rights law.