Mary Bruce, Ph.D.

Mary D. Bruce earned the doctorate in Political Science from Wayne State University. Her dissertation, The Role of Journalists in Framing Newspaper Articles and Editorials on School Vouchers in Detroit, examined how journalists presented information regarding a public policy issue during a national election year. Dr. Clark holds the Masters in Public Administration from Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan.

After 20 years in state and local governmental and legislative relations, Dr. Clark joined the Wayne State University faculty in 2003 and later Governors State University where she is currently a full time faculty.

With vast experience as a legislative analyst, Dr. Bruce has attracted thousands of research grants for community-based programs and evaluation of substance abuse prevention programs. Dr. Bruce served on the Board for Access to Care, as Chair of the Marketing Sub-committee for Strategic Planning.

Dr. Bruce’s research focuses on public policy issues, strategic/community planning, human resource management, and media/politics. Dr. Bruce serves as the Chair of the Faculty Development Advisory Council at GSU. She brings a wealth of practical work and international experience in the public sector.