Osmond Ekwueme, MD. Ph.D

Medical Professional, Philanthropist, linguist and author of forth-coming book “The making of a Foreign Surgeon”. Born in Nigeria and left after High School for studies abroad on Federal Government scholarship. He attended Lublin College of Medicine, Poland and graduated magna cum laude. Was a very active and social student in (wiadomosci z kraju i ze swiata)……news from the country and the world.

He was a bi-weekly opinion writer at studenski wyborcza , Gazeta Wyborcza Lublin. Practiced medicine and surgery in Poland, England, Nigeria and on Federal scholarship came to USA as a special scholar and also helped in research at the defunct Minnesota Anti-lymphocyte Globulin (MALG) Transplant Program, University of Minnesota, MN.

A practicing catholic and a Knight of Columbus, WI. USA. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife (also a Physician) and their three kids. Still writes opinion piece (on social issues) once awhile at the Star News Newspaper in Central Wisconsin.

A keen student of international politics with strong analytical skills.