“Ignorance, Hubris, Contempt, Greed and Mendacity”

You have heard the news about Gov.Romney’s absurd statements. These words jump to mind: Ignorance, Hubris, Contempt, Greed and Mendacity. All of it, and all at once. That is the face and philosophy of the Republican Party.

Gov.Romney said what he believes and under the circumstances it would seem prudent to just assume the worse soon.There is no murdy waters here, their ideology is now crystal clear. I have seen people, some colleagues, with this philosophy before and they seriously believe it. It is rooted in Social Darwinism where the weak perish and the strong survive. That’s it.

“Money doesn’t change one, it merely unmasks them. If a man is naturally selfish or arrogant or greedy, the money brings that out, that’s all”….Henry Ford.

Gov Romney and his party wish to return to past policies that were based on ignorance, stupidity and extreme arrogance. I can’t believe we are witnessing the same pattern of verbiage from this group that caused the present problem. It seems they have learned nothing from history nor do they have the slightest use of facts and objective analysis that can be derived from history. They once again attack careful thought, intellect and prudence as signs of weakness and instead blabber infantile concepts.


Just like you don’t miss water or appreciate it’s importance until you do not have it, these few weeks of intense exposure to Gov. Romney’s domestic and foreign policies abominations make some Republicans appreciate President Obama that much more and not take his abilities for granted.

Republicans are very hypocritical. It’s an inevitable conflict between their belief system or stated philosophy and reality. They can’t help it. There are many Republicans in the 99% who are surrogates for the 1% and believe that by extension they are an auxiliary part of the 1%. How wrong they are! The 1% thinks no more of them than it does the poor and poverty stricken. They would be pitiful if they aren’t so dangerous…yes, Gov. Romney will get millions of their votes. According to available data 26% of those who pay no taxes do so because of the tax code. They definitely pay payroll taxes. The 26% could be made to pay if the tax code mandated it. It is not as if they are tax scofflaws.

The Republicans have now gone from compassionate conservatism to callous conservatism with contempt for the common man. Republicans like to call themselves “conservatives”, but to paraphrase to old adage, calling yourself conservative because you support Republicans no more makes you conservative than wading into the ocean makes you a fish.

Interestingly though, the data shows that states most likely to support Gov. Romney electorally are the same states that receive more federal dollars than they contribute, thus, it is not all true that the 47% Romney says he can “never convince them they should take personal responsibilty and care for their lives” support President Obama. They support Gov. Romney. Correct, enough said.

Volunteer, if you can and chip in for Obama for America.  Yes, make sure you VOTE Nov 5th 2012 and take a friend.

Gov. Romney is now accusing President Obama of trying to divide America into rich and poor, after just being caught doing exactly that….Haba na watin !!!  He just failed the test that liars should have good memories..mendacem memorem esse oportet. It goes a long way toward explaining Gov Romney’s mendacity….when the truth harms you, you are forced into lying which in turn explains why he is having so much trouble keeping his foot out of his mouth.

Gov. Romney is now a laughing stock among America’s most erudite comedians. Thank God, this ideological battle is coming to an end. Yes, few days now  we will remember the saying

“You won’t have Mitt Romney to kick around any more”. The italics are mine in place of Nixon lol

Osy Ekwueme MD. PhD.