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KAS, CMPI explore areas of cooperation

Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), a foundation committed to political communication and Center for Media and Peace Initiatives (CMPI), New York have begun preliminary discussions aimed at achieving the goals of both organizations.
The Director of Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung in North America, based in Washington D.C, Dr. Lars Hänsel told officials of CMPI during a visit to the headquarters office of Center for Media & Peace Initiatives in New York that KAS would continue to explore areas of joint cooperation with CMPI.
Dr. Hansel spoke of the transatlantic dialogue promoted by his organization. Stiftung, he said, was not limited to transatlantic issues but has become “increasingly an important promoter of interests for the sociopolitical partners in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa”.
For example, the Sub-Saharan Media Program of the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung (KAS Media Africa) is supporting this year’s African Media Leaders Forum due to hold in November 7-9 in Dakar, Senegal.
Since assuming office in 2011 as head of Washington office of KAS, Dr. Hansel has made it a priority to network with individuals and organizations notably decision makers and leaders from the U.S. administration, Congress, as well as from the numerous international organizations.
Dr. Hansel promised to seek areas of cooperation with CMPI on issues of common interest and recommend CMPI’s projects to other regional directors of KAS especially in Africa.
Earlier in a speech to welcome the visiting KAS Director, the president of CMPI, Dr. Uchenna Ekwo explained the goals and projects of the center.
Dr. Ekwo flanked by two directors of the center – Francisco Bozzano-Barnes and Ernest Opong noted that the center— a 501 (c) (3) independent, nonprofit organization was dedicated to the promotion of conflict-resolving media practice around the world.
With a great reliance on its extensive international network, the center operates as a facilitator and partner in a wide variety of training projects, publishes and disseminates significant communication scholarship and advances the communication discipline through meaningful research, teaching and service.
Our vision, according to Dr. Ekwo is to attract global support for peace journalism through clear understanding of the power of information dissemination in fostering peace. To this end, CMPI continues to provide learning opportunities for journalists, citizens, and civil society activists on conflict-resolving journalism, conduct research, and engage in transformative mediation.
“We design, produce, and manage an innovative program of high quality seminars and conferences which promote the sharing of knowledge and information, create opportunities for learning, and contribute to the development of people and organizations at all levels”.
CMPI president appealed for the support of KAS in developing some of its programs designed to encourage dialogue that promotes peace and development.
Specifically, the center sought the collaboration of KAS in the proposed Media Review Roundtable, a project aimed at changing the negative media coverage of Africa’s match to development.
CMPI’s Head of International Programs, Mr. Francisco Bozzano-Barnes enumerated several achievements of the center including the recent premiere of a documentary on the civic engagement of Africans in America and the partnership with Rutgers University School of Public Affairs and Administration in the area of training international journalists on media and democratic governance.
Similarly, the Director of Diaspora Strategies and Engagement, Mr. Ernest Opong announced that CMPI would welcome the support of KAS towards the center’s media and policy initiatives in different countries of Africa.

Dr. Lars Hänsel and Mr. Ernest Opong