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Burundi ousts leader in military coup?

By Zoe Gorman

Uncertainty surrounds the fate of President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi believed to have been removed from office by a military junta to the admiration of citizens who became frustrated by the president’s appetite for power. Zoe Gorman, CMPImedia Senior Writer compiled this report. Details.

Media literacy is undervalued says media expert

By Hyewon Lee

Addressing a forum in Riga, Latvia to commemorate 2015 World Press Freedom Day, UNESCO Chair of e -earning, Prof. Tapio Varis makes a case for media literacy among children, saying early knowledge about information processing and propaganda has the potential to boost democracy. 


The Attack of UN Peacekeepers in Mali 

By Zoe Gorman

A suicide bomber vehicle exploded in Northern Mali at a UN peacekeeping base Wednesday afternoon killing three and injuring at least 16, further complicating the security situation in the conflict-ridden West African country. CMPImedia Senior Writer, Zoe Gorman has visited Mali several times and  compiles a report on the security situation in the country. Continue reading...

The War in Nigeria

By Uchenna Ekwo

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria
President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

For many years now, Nigeria has been at war in peace time. But it is time for the country to face the reality: Nigeria is at war and indeed her second war since its independence in 1960. The first civil war from 1967- 1970 was between Nigeria and Biafra. The Nigerian military led by General Yakubu Gowon defeated the inferior military force of the defunct Republic of Biafra under the command of General Emeka Ojukwu...Read more


 Activist demands end to corruption

Isaac Newton Kinity, Human Rights Activist at the entrance gate of UN headquarters in New York
Isaac Newton Kinity, Human Rights Activist at the entrance gate of UN headquarters in New York


Kenyan-born human rights activist, Isaac Newton Kinity today took his campaign against corruption to the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Mr. Kinity is upset that developed economies such as the United States are not doing enough to rein in on leaders of emerging countries to stop the looting of the treasury of poor countries… Read more




What’s wrong in reporting conflict

by Imam


In revisiting the controversy that surrounded the media coverage of the proposed mosque near the World Trade Center, Imam Ali regretted that the media portrayal of the planned mosque reinforced existing prejudice against Islam in the United States after the attack of 9/11… Read more





 Peace activist wants law to ban wars

Mr. Man Hee Lee
Mr. Man Hee Lee

Chairman of a World Peace Movement—Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL), Mr. Man Hee Lee has been speaking on strategies to achieve global peace and understanding among diverse religious and political persuasions.

Mr. Lee who was addressing delegates to a world peace conference in New York Wednesday called for an international constitution banning wars among national permanently… Read more