CMPI programs, publications, and services:

Generation Next
CMPI contributes to the professional development of budding journalists. The center adheres to the idea of integrated learning believing that learning needs to occur not only on an intellectual level, but must take the person as a whole into account.
We mentor students and provide them with the intellectual and practical skills to understand journalism especially its fast changing environment.
As part of efforts to safeguard the future of journalism, the Center for Media and Peace Initiative targets young people who hope to study and practice journalism. We collaborate with high schools, providing counseling services to publishing/press clubs in these schools.
The expectation is that exposing these young people to traditional journalism practice will prevent a possible corrosion with current jaundiced journalism of recent times.

Media Review Roundtable:
This is a forum for editors, reporters, photojournalists/camerapersons, students and relevant media workers to exchange views and review the performance of the mass media in relation to peace building.

CMPI is a central forum and resource for media-centered academic research, curriculum development, and international dialogue that support diaspora initiatives. We initiate cutting edge research on wide ranging subjects that affect the peaceful coexistence of citizens in democratic societies.

A weekly newsletter that monitors developments in the media sector while providing analysis of ethical issues in journalism.


A monthly publication focusing on issues and events that shape the family.


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