Conference on Security Systems Governance

Graduate Center, City University of New York

March 18 – 22, 2024


“Security System Governance: Confronting Democratic Diminution and Lawlessness”

The conference seeks to deepen the understanding of participants on the intersection between peace, rule of law, and strong institutions. Participants will explore the potentials of security governance towards peace and justice in the face of the growing backsliding of democracy in many countries including the United States.

Additionally, participants will focus on security challenges of different fragile democracies and identify effective governance strategies that could stem the trend towards undemocratic practices and disregard for law and order in several regions of the world. Empowering law enforcement and security professionals with advanced global best skills in security system governance and strategies will significantly enhance their ability to address crisis situations with precision, empathy, and diplomacy.

The conference is expected to feature speakers that will highlight the urgent need for policymakers and security professionals to understand how rapid, unregulated urbanization, unemployment, injustice, inequality, poor amenities, and climate threats affect state security and stability in many countries of the world.

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This is a hybrid event – You can participate remotely or in person

Partners: Africa Research Group, Journal of Media and Public Policy,  International Security Forum, Consortium for International Education and Development 

For more information, please contact: or 917-803-5540

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