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Terrorism in Nigeria: Enough!

By Osmond Ekwueme

When Muslim extremists otherwise called “terrorists” perpetrate mass murder of groups of Muslim children because they are receiving western education in Nigeria, then our humanity has come to a standstill. I cannot understand the grounds for this bizarre behavior. A group of extremists Muslims killed a group of sane Muslims who were studying to become farmers. Think about this…a lot of people in Nigerian and Africa in general, are starving and these carnivores descend to kill the students of agriculture. Visualize for a moment the barbaric act of cutting the throats of innocent and unsuspecting kids in college. If you have to kill children to prevent them from being educated to assert your control, it’s an admission that you have lost. How exactly is learning how to feed your fellow man a sin? What are they hoping to accomplish except carnage? When terrorists resort to murdering students in their beds at night; it is time for the rest of Nigeria to unite and get rid of these moronic idiots once and for all, whatever it it NOW. This isn’t a war by the Islamists against Christians and others who have different religious views; it is a war against modernity, against science and against rationality. There is no place for these people in the modern world. They know it. This crowd is reactionary that is not only opposed to change, but seeks to reverse the clock and return Nigeria to a time that not only doesn’t exist, but never existed, except in their own warped minds. We should all best work on some plan to deal with it and soon. They need to be DESTROYED! Nigeria’s government has let these rabid dogs go unpunished for past treacheries and now they have gotten out of control. The fact that “all the victims were Muslims” tells you how desperate and indiscriminate these terrorists have become. The killing of students and teachers is reminiscent of pretty much every totalitarian movement with designs on achieving total control. Destruction of learners and learning institutions is one of the most callous and vile blasphemies against modern society known to man. How absurd when they say Western education is “haram” but they cannot live without its fruits themselves. The western knowledge that brought Twitter, cell phones, computers that they use to destroy, recruit and do other things. They use motorbikes as their primary mode of travel instead of camels. Interesting, indeed!!

How can one fight and defeat a terrorist group with an IQ less than a rock? It only reinforces in that although technology may advance, the human mentality does not. They have no morals, no decency and life to them is a dime a dozen. They don’t have real agenda, except to gain power for their own benefits. What they are seeking has nothing to do with justice. All they want is a country and its people to bow down to their bidding and beliefs or else. They are desperate and ruthless. They’d make a rattlesnake seem kittenish. These idiots are determined to bring our country to the dark ages, one state at a time, if we let them. It is not possible to negotiate with a mad dog, it must be put down; there is no alternative.

Where are the moderate Muslims? I have been chronically disturbed at the silence from good Muslims in Nigeria. I know many professional and reasonable Muslims. Don’t be scared, say something to the media condemning such senseless killings and prove to the world that Islam is a peaceful religion. For a few public officials to condemn the massacres is not enough. Where is the outrage from normal, good Muslims? Silence carries a message too. With no outrage from Muslim leaders and denunciation en masse from Muslims, the whole world is going to lump you all together. Where are the rallies and demonstrations in the streets in Northern Nigeria? Silent assent is the only sound. The only way left to deal with these types is to get rid of them. Whatever it takes. Obviously, all the “good Muslims” in Nigeria won’t or can’t do anything about this cancer that is taking over their religion and their culture. It is sad that the whole world is lumping you all together. The entire civilized world is affected by these lunatics. To say all Muslims are extremists is not only morally wrong, it is plainly untrue. Take this….a good Muslim and a western trained physician said this to me:

If someone behind him will shout “praise Jesus”, he will smile
If someone behind him will shout “Hare Krishna, Hari Hari”, he will smile
If someone behind him will shout “Messiah, Messiah”, he will smile
If someone behind him will shout “Allahu akbar”, he will run for his life.

Yes, find the source of money to fund their violence and get rid of them at the same time; regardless of who the money providers are. They are as guilty as the terrorists, even more so…cowards. No appeasement. Some people are saying that the Nigerian government did not engage seriously with the leaders of this group of terrorists. These Boko Haram militants (terrorists) have killed more than 1700 people since 2010. This would be similar to saying that a warehouse owner is at fault for the fire that destroyed his warehouse because he refused to talk to the arsonists who set the fire in the first place. Just how much good will that do? They have been systematically sabotaging the Goodluck Jonathan administration. Death is all they know, then that is what they should expect…death !! Boko Haram apparently doesn’t care who their targets are as long as they don’t have the means to resist their attacks. This is the time to pull off the gloves and bring a world of hurt on their compounds and villages. There is no negotiating with fanatics.
If this does not show how disgustingly cowardly these fundamentalist Islamic militant groups are, nothing will. They have no regards for anyone, not even members of their own religion and should be executed like the rabid dogs they are. While small elements of Islam are extremists the majority of Islamists keep silent while the extremists wreck havoc and act like animals murdering the innocent. It is really sad that some people view intelligence and education as a bad thing. We can only progress to become a better society through the use of intelligence and the fostering of new and constructive ideas through education.

Osy Ekwueme MD. PHD
Wisconsin (USA)

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