Activist protests against poverty at UN

Poverty is the cause of suffering, hunger and deaths of innocent human beings in impoverished and developing countries, says Kenyan-born human rights activist, Isaac Newton Kinity.

Incidentally, poverty is not necessarily as result of natural causes but often associated with the looting of public funds by dictators, their friends and other looters of public funds.

Unfortunately, the wealthy developed nations, who although are providers of loans and grants to the poor developing countries, are also major contributors to the poverty and suffering in those poor developing countries.

The United Nations and the African Union have never addressed this matter exhaustively in order to derive solutions to this problem.

Join me July 1-3, July 2014, to protest the continued corruption in poor developing countries and the inaction of the two world organizations- UN and AU, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, USA. I will also provide the UN Secretary General Mr. Bank Moon, with a memorandum containing the main key to the solutions of corruption in developing economies of the world.

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Isaac Newton Kinity

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