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Global South tackles post Covid-19 crises at forum in Bangladesh

Following the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 to the international community, a group of experts from around the world will be meeting this weekend (8th & 9th August 2020) “to rethink, revise, and redesign possible solutions to the problems of a post-COVID-19 world” with emphasis on the impact of the pandemic on the Global South.

COVID-19 has generated the biggest financial crisis in a century. The countries of the Global South will have to go it alone as many of the world’s advanced economies have struggled to contain the virus.
The event, organized in association with the government of Bangladesh seeks to address this issue head-on. For the Global South, the challenge is about more than just finding new capital for investment. A post-COVID-19 era will potentially create new barriers to trade, rise in extremism, and different environmental challenges such as proper disposal face masks and other issues.

The conference entitled “The Dhaka Forum” is expected to bring together businesses, governments, academics, policymakers, thought leaders, change-makers, entrepreneurs, and civil society from around the world. A statement from the conveners of the conference including the government of Bangladesh, the event will provide a unique opportunity to explore several key areas that will be critical in measuring the successful defeat of COVID-19 pandemic and the next steps to contain similar plagues in the future.

“Our ambition is to bring together real-time solutions creating synergies between public & private sector predominantly focusing on the Global South,” said Ashfaq Zaman Curator & Program Director of Dhaka Forum.

Consequently, the conference will focus on the steps required to tackle the concerning repercussions of the pandemic and recovery strategies through thematic panel discussions in the following areas: Rethinking Healthcare, Rebuilding Economy, Renewing Governance & Peace, Reviving Education & Intellectualism, Realizing cross border inclusiveness, Recycling Environment & Climate Change, South-South Cooperation Focus & Data Intelligence in COVID-19 Response, and Dhaka: Asia & Africa Focus (In Partnership with the Commonwealth Africa Initiative).

“Dhaka Forum is an important global gathering of intellectuals which has paved the way for Africa-Asia cooperation to control their own destiny in the economy recovery from COVID-19,” says Muhamad Magassy, a member of parliament from the Gambia who is speaking on the Africa-Asia panel developed in partnership with the Commonwealth Africa Initiative.

Discussants will also examine the pandemic’s impact on the Global South in relation to finding new capital for investment, new barriers to trade, possible rise in extremism, and many new environmental challenges.

“This pandemic’s impact will be irreversible if the proper necessary steps are not taken now. Dhaka Forum: The Post- COVID-Emergence aspires to inspire the minds of the different nations to discuss and take the right steps now to ensure a stronger future.”

Ashfaq Zaman, Program Director of Dhaka Forum.

Among the speakers at the conference include Salman F Rahman, Private Sector Industry & Investment Advisor to Hon. Prime Minister of Bangladesh, M. A. Mannan, Planning Minister of Bangladesh; Zunaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister of Information & Communication Technology; Dr. Murad Hassan, State Minister of Information Bangladesh; Dr. Dipu Moni, State Minister of Education; Paulo Casaca, Founder of The South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF) & Former MP of the European Parliament for Portugal; His Royal Majesty Muedzul Karim, the Sultan of Sulu & North Borneo, Denise Lama- Advisor to the Government of Chile, Ambassador Chad Blackman, Chair for the Trade and Development Committee in the World Trade Organization (WTO) from Barbados, Dato’ Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari, the Secretary-General of the Developing 8 (D8) countries as well as High-level representations from U.N. bodies, International Vice Chancellors, and Numerous other leaders- from Bangladesh, E.U., U.K., Australia, U.S., and other countries.

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