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Pro-Russian Crimeans wave Russian flags as they gather to celebrate in Simferopol's Lenin Square after voters in Ukraine's Crimea region supported union with Russia.

Crimea and self Determination

Here are some reactions to the article “The Referenda Revolution: Russia, Africa, and Global Peace.

Lawrence Ekechi
We teach our children to speak the truth and do the right thing. We would expect world leaders to do the same. Self determination means self determination. It is not an ambiguous word. Its place in the United Nations Charter is clear and simple. It cannot, should not and must not mean one thing for some when it is convenient and mean just the opposite for the same people when it is not convenient. This is why the world is at war with itself. Europe must not be allowed to drag America into a nuclear crisis. Kosovo, Falkland, South Sudan, — what about their self determination? I guess there was nothing wrong with them! Why should CRIMEA not be treated with the same stroke? Scotland is looming – they want to leave Great Britain. What would G7 do? Sanction Prime Minister Cameron?
Take note that the chaos in Libya, Iraq, and Syria are created by Europe (especially Britain & France) and they are invested in creating more chaos.
In 1965/66 genocide was dealt to the Igbos by the Hausa/Fulanis in the North. This led to Ojukwu’s secessionist Biafra. A civil war emerged. The Igbos’s self determination was suppressed by Britain and the US. They supported the General Gowon’s military Government. Reason: They do not want the Igbos to be in control of the huge deposits of Nigeria’s crude oil. This was the Igbos disqualification for self determination. This fact is well documented. I am not making it up.
Our world will increasing move to a dangerous slope if leaders cannot stand up for what is wright for the sake of history. When it is wrong, let us say it is wrong . If it is right, let us also so. Europe must be careful not to drag the world into a nuclear stand-off because Putin’s Russia will not sit idly by at the sidelines and allow Europe create trouble at his backyard. This is self-explanatory if you listened to Putin’s address to the DUMA. He feels betrayed by Europe.

Those of you in the mass media must help in disseminating the facts as you see it and allow the citizens of the world to figure out who is right and who is wrong. We are in the 21st century. Europe alone must not arrogate the whole truth to themselves.. THE WHOLE TRUTH not partial or half truth will beget Global Peace. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. IS PEACE GOING TO BE ACHIEVED BY DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE? i GUESS NO!

Lawrence Ekechi lives in New York.

Hi Uchenna,

Interesting article on the Crimea referendum, but I worry greatly if Nigeria were to break up into 3 countries. This could cause a serious destabilization of the country, which is already in fragile state. You saw what happened in the Biafra war and with the Agoni people later,


Lawrence Freeman
EIR magazine
African Desk
Very true Dr Uchenna even in my country the northern part of Uganda remains under developed and the people have long agitated secession! Africa is a sad story of historical injustice where people were bundled without their own input!


Thank you for sharing, Uchenna. Very interesting perspective. You are a very strong journalist.


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