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Sudan expected to name new Prime Minister

Amid the leadership turbulence that fester in Sudan since the ouster of 30- year reign of President Omar Bashir, the East African country is on the cusp of establishing a stable government with the expected appointment of a new Prime Minister, Muhammad Ismail, 65 years old medical practitioner.

Sudanese political analyst Mekki Elmograbi reporting from Khartoum describes the situation in the country as tense, complicated and uncertain because of fears of armed military conflict between the national army and the Rapid Support Forces.

Elmograbi notes however that the environment has paved the way for the possibility of fresh agreement that could lead to the appointment of a civilian candidate for the post of transitional prime minister. As the prospect of a new prime minister, looms on the horizon, such a development has the potential to put Sudan on the right track.

According to Elmograbi, Dr. Muhammad Al-Amin Ismail – cardiologist and university professor is a pragmatist who enjoys tremendous support of citizens especially from Eastern Sudan. Observers see the importance of Eastern Sudan has increased dramatically as for the first time in the history of Sudan, a wave of protests took place in the region reaching the point of blocking the national road to PortSudan twice during the fragile transition due to agitation for inclusive development and other demands.

Muhammad Ismail is considered an independent and consensus leader in most parts of Eastern Sudan. In addition, he has inaugurated a charter called “Sudan People’s Charter”. Political and regional forces from other regions reportedly joined the charter, which appears to be the general guidelines for transition to full democratic rule.

As a nominee for transitional prime minister, Sudanese citizens and the world are yet to learn of his foreign policy goals but his media statements may help predict his direction.

Professor Ismail’s statements published by Sudanese media about keeping Sudan’s Red Sea coast away from international military and economic competition and conflicts indicate that he is against the Russian military base because it comes at a time Sudan’s Ambassador to Moscow said there are ongoing talks on the issue. “It seems to me Ismail is independent and powerful,” Mekki said.

Sources said Ismail suggested that each of the four conflicting political blocs nominate – according to specific criteria – 16 experts and independent professionals, then he selects four from each list to compose the 16-member cabinet.

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