Change of guard at FPA

David Michaels, President of Foreign Press Association
David Michaels, President of Foreign Press Association
There has been a change of leadership at the inimitable Foreign Press Association, FPA with the election of David P. Michaels as its new President. Michaels, an advisor to political and business leaders; strategy advisor; communications consultant; journalist and author, takes over the baton from Alan Capper, who served the FPA as President for seven years.
In his post election speech, the Michaels said he was delighted to be assuming its leadership at a time of unprecedented change and opportunity in the media industry. According to the new leader, the organization would launch a range of initiatives, including a new membership category for media and communications organizations, to ensure that “the FPA continues to be a preeminent international media association by meeting our members’ changing needs as we move closer to our second century of operation.”
In 2014 the FPA will focus on providing support to its international members through:
• Orientation and networking opportunities;
• News making and educational events that bring journalists together with political, business, and other leaders;
• A broader range of member benefits and services;
• Providing scholarships to the next generation of international reporters studying at U.S. journalism schools.
“As we build on new initiatives, we look forward to the active engagement of existing and new members to make 2014 and thereafter an exciting era for the Association,” added Michaels. “I would like to thank Alan Capper for his many contributions to the FPA.”
The Foreign Press Association represents about 400 members of the foreign media based in the United States of America. At its first official meeting at the beginning of 1918, it had eleven members: eight British, two French, and one Italian. At that first meeting, two of the founding members tossed a coin to decide who should be President.
In November 1918, President Wilson recognized and thanked the FPA for its contributions to the war efforts.
Since its founding, the FPA has honored individuals from the arts, sciences, politics and other fields. At the Foreign Press Awards, honorees have included: Albert Einstein, Tennessee Williams, Elizabeth Taylor, David Lean, Mike Nichols, Henry Kissinger, and Walter Cronkite.
Michaels has served as a consultant to major private sector corporations, governmental entities and political leaders on matters associated with business, economic and political restructuring, and strategic problem resolution.
He is the Senior Advisor to Strategic Communications Laboratories (“SCL”). SCL is a multi-disciplined behavioral research and intervention agency established to address the need for a scientific and verifiable approach to often life critical communication campaigns – such as conflict transformation and humanitarian disasters. SCL applies behavioral methodology to assist with programs of social change, and is also a specialist in providing both behavioral methodology and effects-based strategy to the commercial worlds of advertising and marketing. SCL Elections is a recognized world leader in electoral research, analysis and campaign management.
Michaels’ private activities include active participation in a number of organizations including: Founder of the Humanity-Without-Borders Foundation. This educational Foundation is based on the principals of HUMAN BEINGS BEING HUMAN,™ and acts as a catalyst for the opening of new doors and initiatives for conflict resolution and de-fusing racial, religious, and cultural hatreds fermented by religious and/or political disinformation and misrepresentation.

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