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CMPI, NTDTV team up to boost Africa’s image

By Francisco Bozzano-Barnes

Center or Media & Peace Initiatives (CMPI) and New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) – Chinese Satellite television channel based in New York have agreed to develop and produce programs designed to improve the image of Africa internationally.
Under the agreement, CMPI will leverage its contact with policy makers and business leaders from Africa while NTDTV will provide technical resources in producing AfricaNow Panorama program to be broadcast on NTDTV and syndicated in other television channels around the world.
The collaborative programs will further intercultural communication, ecotourism, public relations, and research programs to be broadcast on NTDTV network.

Speaking at the formal signing ceremony in New York, the Vice President of NTDTV, Dr. Samuel Zhou spoke of the changes taking place in Communist China and expressed the hope that the partnership would improve relations between Africans and Chinese peoples.
He challenged the team to develop effective revenue stream to ensure the success of the joint collaboration as well as deliver quality programs to attract more audience for the station.
Dr. Zhou noted that NTDTV’s state-of-art equipment and professional employees would support the development of programs that would be of value to governments and peoples of Africa.
In his remarks, the President of Center for Media & Peace Initiatives, Dr. Uchenna Ekwo said the increasing influence of China in Africa required that the center should help to improve dialogue between Beijing and African countries.
According to him, Africa is witnessing a second scramble for her natural resources: the first being in November 1884 at Berlin when European colonial powers divided the continent among themselves without input from Africans; this second scramble for Africa is different because Africans must participate in negotiating with foreign investors.
As an organization committed to communicating innovating solutions to global challenges, Dr. Ekwo said, CMPI would champion public affairs programs to inform and educate Africans on the need to pursue genuine aspirations to improve the image of the continent.
At the event were Dr.Samuel Zhou, Vice President NTDTV, Ms. Gloria Zhang, Director of Strategic Alliance (NTDTV) Ms. Joyce Jiao, Chief Strategist Chinese Market (NTDTV), Mr. Ernest Opong, Director Diaspora Strategies and Engagement (CMPI), Dr. Uchenna Ekwo, President CMPI, and Mr. Francisco Bozzano-Barnes, Director of International Programs (CMPI).

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